Krivoklat forests and xeric grasslands

LTER site
Krivoklat forests and xeric grasslands
Major ecosystems
Oak-hornbeam forests, thermophilous oak forests, beech forests, ravine forests; dry grasslands, acidophilous grasslands on shallow soils
Available data since
1994 (forests) / 2004 (grasslands)
Site coordinator
Petr Petřík |
The Krivoklatsko PLA Administration |
761 ha
420 m a.s.l.
50°00'10" N
13°50'51" E
Annual precipitation
ca 560 mm
Temperature (air)
ca 7,5 °C
Other site category
Natura 2000, Biosphere Reserve Krivoklatsko

The Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere Reserve Křivoklátsko is mostly covered by broadleaved forests that are valuable by high diversity of flora, fauna and communities. This biodiversity is increased in deep valley of the Berounka River with xeric grasslands on the southern slopes. Inversion of vegetation belts is typical of narrow valleys of the Berounka River tributaries.

Monitoring of vegetation changes and soil properties in natural forests (since 1994) and xeric grasslands (since 2004) is the main focus of the LTER sites. Continuously with vegetation changes, studies on soil fauna in forests were carried out.