Sokolov post-mining ecosystems

LTER site
Sokolov post-mining ecosystems
Major ecosystems
Forests, initial stages of primary succesion, meadows
Available data since
Site coordinator
Jan Frouz |
Biology Centre CAS |
10 000 ha
500–600 a.s.l.
50°14´ N
12°40´ E
Annual precipitation
650 mm
Temperature (air)
Other site category
Owned by Sokolovská Uhelná, a.s (

Sokolov post-mining ecosystems represent a unique LTER study area comprising forest and non-forest ecosystems developing after reclamation or by spontaneous revegetation on heaped overburden from brown coal mining. Several 1 ha sites are studied since 1992 (10 sites intensively and over 50 sites occasionally). Research has been focused on interactions between soil, plants and soil organisms and their role in soil formation and biogeochemical cycles restoration. Great attention has been paid to comparison of long-term development of reclaimed and non-reclaimed sites and to the effect of different tree species, types of substrates and heaping technique used during reclamation. Series of sites of known age (15–70 years) developing on similar substrate represent a great opportunity for ecological research using a chronosequence approach.

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